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Workstation Introduction

The postdoctoral workstation of Chongqing Planning Research Institute was established under the approval of Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. As we all know, the postdoctoral workstation is an organization for recruiting and cultivating postdoctoral researchers in approved enterprises orpublic scientific research institutions. We specialize in scientific researches and possess lots of professional talents. In recent years, we have accomplished 62 planning research tasks in Chongqing and nationwide, and also obtained threeChongqing Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The workstation is an important measure to enhance our ability of independence, innovationand creative talents building, which symbolizes a new breakthrough in the capability of decision-making support. By taking full advantages of this platform, we will recruit and cultivate postdoctoral researchers and accomplish achievements with high quality. We will take effort to have a professional and qualified talents team with influence in Chongqing and nationwide.