Welcome to Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery(Chongqing Planning Research Institue).Today is 2021-04-15



Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery has a complete set of facilities and services well prepared for all kinds of meetings and exhibitions.

Meeting Room

It’s designed with elegance and grace style and capable of foreign affairs activities, VIP meetings and interviews.

Display Hall

It’s located on the first floor of the gallery, designed with the modern style and flexibly used for different cultural and artistic exchanges and exhibitions.

Meeting Center

There are 9 meeting rooms designed with modern and brief style in the center, each contains 10-180 people individually to fill different meeting needs. It’s convenient in transportation and capable of international meeting with simultaneous interpretation in four languages. It also has facilities like business center and VIP lounge.

Book Bar

An ideal place for visitors to rest, meet and enjoy the river view.

Parking Lot

Providing 24 hours service to ensure a safe, well-organized and convenient parking environment.


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