Welcome to Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery(Chongqing Planning Research Institue).Today is 2021-04-15

CPE Introduction

  • 01、The exhibition of Chongqing’s work conditions

    The contents mainly include:the series of important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jingping and his ardent wishes for Chongqing, the full implementations of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi’s ardent wishes in Chongqing,the creation of a good

  • political ecology,the "two positions" setting,the "two orientation" targets, and the "two goals" realization, and significant actions apply in Chongqing,the rural revitalization project,the city promotion project,the construction of "the belt and road",the development of Yangtze River Economic Belt,etc.
  • 02、The exhibition of Chongqing’s land and space planning

    The contents mainly include:the land and space planning of Chongqing, the land and space planning of the main urban area, the planning of metropolitan circle, the planning of the city cluster in the northeast Chongqing and the planning of city cluster in the southeast Chongqing,etc.

  • 03、Chongqing’s historical context exhibition

    The contents mainly include:the history evolution,history and culture,major events,the construction history of Chongqing,etc.